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About Marilyn

Marilyn is the founder of SD&G Fitness with over 30 years of teaching experience in Cornwall and rural areas. Through the years she has organized countless activity fundraising events raising over $150,000.00 for a variety of charitable organizations.

For the past 15 years Marilyn has taught and continues to teach Fitness and Lifestyle Management Courses at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall Ontario inspiring her students to lead an active and healthy life.

Marilyn is committed to making fitness accessible to everyone with her TV program ‘Seniorfit with Marilyn’ on Your TV (formerly Cogeco) bringing fitness into the homes of viewers.


She continues to care and share her passion for fitness and health with her personal training clients and community ‘Outreach’ programs. Her favorite, the Vista Center for Brain Injury, where she works closely with her group to bring happiness into their day in a physical and playful way.


Marilyn, a native of South Stormont has made fitness a lifelong practice enjoying and participating in a variety of sports and activities on her own, with her family and with her many fitness groups. Marilyn has found a way to inspire others to stay active by sharing her favorite activities, running, cycling, kayaking, hiking and tennis, with her clients through her signature programs Runfit, Spin, Kayak Excursions and Tennis Fitness.


During her rare moments of down time, she likes to travel with her husband, read on her porch and spend time with her dog.

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